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Комплекс Детски кът - Kompleks Detski Kat
4.5 Star Rating
Other Places of Interest


Aquarium Varna
3.5 Star Rating
Aquarium / Zoo


Дворец на Културата и Спорта
3.5 Star Rating
Sports Facilities / Stadium


3.5 Star Rating


Summer theatre
0 Star Rating
Theatre / Opera


0 Star Rating
Disco / Nightclub


Portal na Osmi Primorski polk
0 Star Rating


Arro Dance
0 Star Rating
Disco / Nightclub


0 Star Rating
Bars / Pubs


Festivalen i kongresen centar
0 Star Rating


0 Star Rating


Central Plaza
0 Star Rating


Club Bachata
0 Star Rating
Bars / Pubs


Pench's Club
0 Star Rating
Bars / Pubs


Bulgaria : Varna : All attractions : Park / Botanical Gardens

Primorski Park
4.5 Star Rating (30+ travel guide)
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Park / Botanical Gardens
Primorski Park
9000 Varna - Bulgaria

Score Rating
91    4.5 Star Rating
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Primorski Park - 9000 Varna  Bulgaria





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